We are a group of students and alumni of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design︎︎︎ with focus in both social and academic dimensions.

We welcome all students who are broadly interested in the cultural and urbanistic conditions in Hong Kong to participate. Through lectures, social events, and other activities, we aim to provide a platform for students, designers, and scholars to exchange views and debate ideas relating to issues such as housing, real estate, and design practice.

As a community, we also offer opportunities for students to connect with alumni, local practitioners, and other parties.


Jeffrey Wong , Co-Chair
Grace Chee, Co-Chair
Justin Ng, Treasurer
Desmond Liu, Event Liaison


Adrian Wong, Co-Chair
John Wang, Co-Chair
Jeffrey Wong, Treasurer
Nicole Lin, Event Chair
Grace Chee, Event Liason


Anson Wong, Chair
John Wang, Vice-Chair
Harry Lee, Treasurer

Website: Adrian Wong